4 de junho de 2013

Remember Me: Primeiras impressões da crítica especializada

Um dos videojogos cujo percurso tenho vindo a acompanhar ao longo dos últimos meses é Remember Me, da Capcom, um título de acção na terceira pessoa numa Paris futurista e cyberpunk. O jogo estará disponível daqui a poucas horas (via Steam) e nas lojas a dia 7 de Junho, mas a imprensa especializada já começou a publicar as primeiras reviews - e, a avaliar pelos avaliações, o jogo oscila entre o mediano e o bom. Abaixo, um breve apanhado (que não dispensa, para os interessados, a leitura dos artigos completos):

Remember Me suffers when it pushes its design beyond the capabilities of its mechanics, when its gameplay ambitions exceed its capacity to meet them. Most games would falter under the weight of those mechanical complications, and Remember Me eyes trouble the most pointedly when it falls prey to overused video game conventions. But Remember Me's fiction and world-building make it more than just another running, jumping and climbing-oriented beat-'em-up — they make it a future worth exploring. (ver análise completa)

I remain pretty positive on my experience with Remember Me, though, despite its faults, and I must admit a great deal of subjectivity in that feeling. Remember Me hits a lot of the neural buttons tied to my favorite science fiction ideas, and its often-glossy take on Philip K. Dick-esque darkness is something I find extremely appealing. Because of that, there’s a great deal I’m personally willing to forgive when it comes to Remember Me, and I have a feeling there will be other players who feel the same way. (ver análise completa)

One or two of the game’s problems would have been easy to ignore, but when mixed together it makes for a disappointing game experience. Perhaps what is most disconcerting is that publishers may not attribute Remember Me’s troubles to the poor camera work, lackluster game design or sticky controls. Instead, this will be yet another example of a game with a female protagonist that that doesn’t live up to expectations, confirming what publishers want to believe about the viability of female heroes in the video game landscape. It’s just tragic that all of this promise is ultimately wasted on a flat, linear experience. (ver análise completa)

Remember Me is a likeable, even admirable game that tells a deeply personal story in a thoughtfully-fashioned world populated by richly detailed character models. But ultimately, it failed to challenge or excite me as a game, as all of its best ideas are confined to its overarching fiction rather than its gameplay. I rarely felt like a Memory Hunter except for the few Memory Remix sections. I’d love to spend time in this world sampling its fiction and tasting some of its ideas, but unfortunately I can’t say the same for the game, which is very forgettable. (ver análise completa)

Quanto à minha opinião sobre o jogo, talvez apareça com as Steam Summer Sales (ou com qualquer outra promoção). 

Fontes: Polygon / Game Front / Forbes / IGN

Claro, o IGN foi também o portal de gaming que deu a Mass Effect 3 uma pontuação de 9.5/10 e praticamente fez campanha contra os gamers, pelo que qualquer análise vinda de lá deve ser tomada, como se diz em inglês, with a grain of salt.

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