25 de abril de 2013

Konrad Tomaszkiewicz, CD Projekt Red: "when your story fits every conceivable character a player can make in a game it’s not unique anymore" (entrevista)

Em entrevista a Erik Kain, do portal de gaming da Forbes, o project lead da CD Projekt Red para The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Konrad Tomaszkiewicz, esclarece algumas dúvidas sobre o terceiro título da série - que, para todos os efeitos, será o último jogo a acompanhar as aventuras de Geralt of Rivia (mas não necessariamente o último jogo baseado no universo ficcional criado por Andrzej Sapkowski). Tomaszkiewicz começa por dissipar as dúvidas relativamente aos rumores sobre um eventual modo multiplayer em Wild Hunt - e que não passam de rumores, não havendo qualquer plano nesse sentido -, para de seguida falar sobre a construção narrativa num formato open world, nas vantagens e desvantagens da criação de personagens, nas mecânicas de jogo e nas políticas da indústria. Alguns destaques:

When you try to tell a story in a world 36 times the size of The Witcher 2, it gets immensely more challenging. How is it possible to balance exploration-driven gameplay against a meaningful storyline?
“The most important characteristic of all of our games is their nonlinear, mature storylines,” Tomaszkiewicz says. “We took the game model from Witcher 2 and simply added to it an open world, not the other way round. We wanted to achieve the same feeling and pacing that our other games have.” 
The biggest challenge was taking that story and fitting it into a huge world, especially since players will have access to the entire world from the very beginning. “That’s why we split key bits of plot information among different regions of the world and every time you learn one of these plot points you need to solve local problems to achieve your personal goals,” Tomaszkiewicz notes.


The Witcher 3 is the last of Geralt’s video game adaptations, but CDP has made it clear that they may still return to the Witcher universe. I asked Tomaszkiewicz if this meant we might someday get the chance to create our own custom characters, or maybe play a female witcher.
Unfortunately, that doesn’t sound likely.
Tomaszkiewicz says that when he thinks about the most difficult game to create, it’s a “huge nonlinear RPG with a mature and immersive storyline set in an open world” with character creation thrown in on top. “What we are doing now with just the story and open world sounds like a mission impossible for some people already, so I cannot promise you that if we get back to this particular universe we will add character creation to it.”
He adds that it’s “very hard to achieve an immersive, believable, non-linear mature storyline when you can play both a dwarf, female mage and a witcher. With our approach, where storytelling is the most important thing, we would make different stories for every character, because when your story fits every conceivable character a player can make in a game it’s not unique anymore.

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Fonte: Forbes

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