13 de junho de 2012

The Walking Dead em entrevista

A terceira temporada de The Walking Dead já está em produção, com estreia prevista - tal como as anteriores - no Outono, por ocasião do Halloween. Entretanto, deixo aqui a ligação para duas entrevistas sobre a série, ambas no blogue da AMC:

Q: Season 3 seems to be more about human threats than zombies. Does the human drama feel like more familiar ground for you as a director? 
A: It's human drama but after an apocalypse. It's human drama after society has completely disintegrated... Our people have figured their way through one menace but now there's the human menace, and now they're taking advantage of the fact that there's no law, there's no more government. Who can you trust? It's still dealing with pretty esoteric territory. 

E a segunda, uma entrevista feita a partir de perguntas colocadas por vários fãs (parte 1 e parte 2) a Glen Mazzara, produtor da série:

Q: How do you decide which story elements from the comics will work on screen? --Robert Becka 
A: It's not easy, because there are elements in the comic that may not translate to TV, and then you have to look at the spirit of the story there and try to capture that. I'll say that the way we approach a story is like we're stringing beans together, so we work on an episode and try to make that episode as good as possible, and then you decide what comes next. So you let the characters and the story kind of dictate where the story is going. I think that's true of any quality cable drama -- it was certainly true of The Shield, and we have to allow ourselves as artists to be surprised by where the story takes us.

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