8 de março de 2013

R. A. Salvatore: "I really think that the last four Dark Elf books have been a wake-up call as a writer" (entrevista)

Erik Kain, jornalista e blogger do portal de videojogos da Forbes, publicou uma longa entrevista em duas partes (1 e 2) a R. A. Salvatore, autor conhecido pelas várias séries de livros escritas para o universo do RPG Forgotten Realms e pela criação do célebre Drizzt, o Elfo Negro. Na entrevista, Salvatore fala sobre as muitas histórias de Drizzt e o desafio da escrita num universo partilhado tão vasto como o de Forgotten Realms, sobre a evolução de Dungeons & Dragons e do universo dos RPG ao longo dos anos, o mercado editorial e o universo dos videojogos em geral, e dos role play games em especial. Dois excertos:

“The worst part,” he says, is that it’s all still changing dramatically with each passing day. “When eBooks take over you’re going to have 200,000 books show up every year and if you’re one of the 200,000 books that come out and nobody knows your name, how are you ever going to break out? I think the next three to five years I think the book business is going to change even more dramatically.”

“Here’s what I think is going to happen,” he tells me. “I don’t think $100 million games are dead, but they’re certainly going to become fewer and further between. If you look at the number of studios that have just exploded, fallen into bits, because one game they were doing that didn’t hit the way they needed it to hit, or because they were never able to finish because they ran out of money - I know this painfully and personally- what you may see coming from that are people doing niche games. I think you’ll see more of the smaller, less ambitious in terms of “We have to have a World of Warcraft” audience MMOs and things like that coming out and maybe you’ll get more for everybody.”

A entrevista completa pode e deve ser lida na íntegra aqui (primeira parte) e aqui (segunda parte).

Fonte: Forbes

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