21 de março de 2013

Philip Pullman: "I’m staying at home at my desk, and I’m going to write The Book of Dust until it’s completed." (entrevista)

Philip Pullman publicou recentemente Grimm Tales: For Young and Old, uma edição contemporânea dos populares contos dos irmãos Grimm, e um livro muito curioso intitulado The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ - mas a trilogia His Dark Materials (The Northern Lights, The Subtle Knife, The Amber Spyglass) continua a ser a sua obra-prima, e uma referência incontornável na literatura de fantasia contemporânea (e não só). Numa interessante entrevista ao podcast Geek's Guide to the Galaxy, entretanto transcrita e publicada na Lightspeed Magazine, Philip Pullman falou sobre Grimm, sobre His Dark Materiaals e a adaptação cinematográfica, sobre religião e ateísmo, sobre a sua carreira de professor e sobre política - e concluiu com uma excelente notícia sobre o universo de Lyra e Will. Alguns destaques:


Was that in your mind at all when you wrote the books, that this would be something that would provide encouragement to nonbelievers? 
No, not at all. Not for one single second. I just wanted to tell the story. That’s all I wanted to do, and I wanted to tell it as well as possible, and I thought I’d reached a stage in my life, in my storytelling, when I knew how to do it. Having got hold of this big story, I knew I could tell it, but I didn’t think it would have that sort of effect, no, not for a single second. I didn’t think many people would read it, actually. I thought it would sell maybe a thousand copies and then would be forgotten. That’s what had happened to all my other books. [Laughs] So I saw no reason why that should be different. But it seemed to attract a lot of attention, and that was something very unexpected and very, very welcome.


I’ve heard people who worked on the film say that the studio was really tampering with it, and that a director’s cut would be much longer and much better? 
Yes, I think that’s probably the case. They did shoot the whole of the story of the first book, so it’s there somewhere . . . if they haven’t thrown it away. And one day there might be a cut, whether it’s a director’s cut or another sort of a cut, I don’t know, where the whole story would be available. But the problem is that, even if they put the whole of the first book there, they didn’t film the second book and the third book, and it is, of course, not three separate books, but one long story. There was no urgent desire on the part of the studio to make the second movie or the third one, and now it would be impossible, at least with the same cast. The little girl, Dakota Blue Richards, who played Lyra, is now eighteen or nineteen years old. And Daniel Craig, who played Lord Asriel, is much more expensive, being the new James Bond. So a continuation of that first movie in parts two and three is no longer possible. So if it is going to be seen on the screen again, it will have to be in another form altogether.


Are there any upcoming projects you’d like to mention? 
 Yes, having cleared Grimm and Jesus out of the way, and all the other things I was doing, I’m now able to concentrate on The Book of Dust, which is the sequel to His Dark Materials. I’m going to clear the whole of next year, and most of the year after, and I’m not going to accept any invitations or do anything, make speeches, go anywhere, do anything at all. I’m staying at home at my desk, and I’m going to write The Book of Dust until it’s completed. From now on, nothing more at all. Silence will descend. I’ll be in my room, with my pen and my paper, writing The Book of Dust.

A entrevista pode (e deve) ser lida na íntegra na Lightspeed Magazine, ou ouvida no podcast Geek's Guide to the Galaxy.

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