8 de outubro de 2012

George R. R. Martin: I’ve already written 400 pages of my sixth book

Numa longa e excelente entrevista ao blogue Adria's News (no contexto do Festival Celsius 232 de Avilés, em Espanha, que decorreu em Julho último), George R. R. Martin fala sobre A Song of Ice and Fire, a série televisiva Game of Thrones, a sua carreira literária e vários outros assuntos - enfim, o costume, mas com respostas muito interessantes e algumas indicações sobre o futuro da série literária. Alguns excertos (transcrição literal):

You are acclaimed to use the point of view technique with mastery. Talk me a little bit about this method.
I’m a strong believer in telling stories through a limited but very tight third person point of view. I have used other techniques during my career, like the first person or the omniscient view point, but I actually hate the omniscient viewpoint. None of us have an omniscient viewpoint; we are alone in the universe. We hear what we can hear… we are very limited. If a plane crashes behind you I would see it but you wouldn’t. That’s the way we perceive the world and I want to put my readers in the head of my characters.


How many pages have you already written of The Winds of Winter? 
I’ve already written 400 pages of my sixth book. However, of these 400 pages, only 200 are really finished because I still have to revise the other 200 pages, which are in a rough version and I still have to work on them a lot. But you have to keep in mind that the last book, Dance with Dragons, was 1.500 pages long and this one will be more or less the same extension, so I have a lot of work. I hope after this tour I can go back home in order to write as a possessed man. But the sixth volume won’t be released in 2012 or in 2013. I really look forward to publishing it in 2014, but I am really bad for predictions, you may know it. And then, there is another fact: when I finish this saga I will be judged for the quality of the books, not for the speed of my writing.

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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire brushed away the Hugo Award in which your Storm of Swords was also a nominee. What do you thing about J.K. Rowling and her saga? 
Well… [He changes his tone, into a lower one] I wish I have beaten her, what can I say! I would have liked to win that award and I don’t think Rowling cares much about it. And she didn’t send anyone to accept the award, which is certainly annoying. But she has done a great stuff for fantasy and many of my readers are people who started with Harry Potter; they’ve grown up and she got them to reading, she got them to fantasy. J.K. Rowling has grown up an entirely generation of children into the field and for that I applaud her.

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